Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's been a while

I am not sure where the time is going this year. Here it is already near the end of September. Yikes!

Our house renovations are coming along well. Just a few minor touches left to be done inside the house itself. The addition is currently being spackled and taped. They hope to be completely done by the end of this week. It has been an amazing process. I fell behind putting pictures on facebook, too, but will try to remedy that today.

My paperback collection for Operation Paperback to send paperback books to our troops was a great success with a total (so far) of 201 books donated. I have sent out 89 books to 6 troops for a total of $31.01 postage (which I didn't think was too bad.) I really want to thank all the people who donated books and/or money towards postage for this great cause. I am sure the troops will appreciate having some good books to read during their "down time." 

Lynn went hunting in MD the 15th - 17th but unfortunately came back venison-less. Hopefully his next trip at the end of October will be more successful. I know he enjoyed the time he spent with his son, Mike, but a little venison would be nice too!

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