Friday, December 9, 2011

Enjoying Alabama

Hi ya'll! We have been in AL now for almost four weeks, and have been keeping pretty busy.

Right now we are having a cold spell -- mid 50s during the days and 30s at night. But at least the sun continues to shine and it hasn't rained lately and there is definitely NO SNOW, so we can't complain too much.

We have been enjoying a lot of the wonderful area restaurants for lunch, especially since we purchased and entertainment book that gives us discounts. So much good seafood down here... yum. And not all of it is fried, either, thank goodness!

I have joined the chorus here at the RV park. Our first Variety Show is tomorrow night. We have our rehearsal tomorrow morning, and then it's show time! We are singing lots of Christmas carols, and having audience sing-alongs, a skit, and readings, and solos. I will be doing "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee." Thankfully I am the third soloist so my voice shouldn't be too strained by the time I sing, hopefully.

Our next Variety Show will be in January and that will be "Country and Favorites." I have signed up to sing "Amazing Grace" a cappella. I do love to sing!

Lynn goes bike riding with a group of guys once in a while. They rode to the area airport one day and watched the planes come in and had a chance to chat with a few of the pilots. He enjoyed that.

The church we attend down here has kept us busy, too. I was invited to preach the first Sunday we were here for United Methodist Women's Day, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I posted the sermon in a previous blog entry, if you are interested in reading it. I really enjoyed being a part of that Sunday service. Then we had our Thanksgiving Feast afterwards. 

We also had what they call "Dirty Santa" gift exchange -- where someone opens a gift and the next person can steal it from them if they want it. It was a lot of fun. I ended up having to open four gifts before I got one no one stole from me. One young man there I think had to open about 7 or 8 of them before he got to keep one! We had lots of good food to enjoy as well, as usual.

We have been keeping busy at the RV resort, too. They have lots of activities and we have met a lot of nice people. Lynn goes to coffee with the guys every morning and I have joined the Women's Bible Study every Wednesday morning. 

I have kept busy making lots of jewelry, too. I think they have a craft fair at our RV resort some time in January, so maybe I can sell some of the things I have made. So I have room to make more!

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