Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been a while

I know. It's been a while since I have written. It's different when we aren't traveling and are just sitting in one spot. We don't see or do many new things, but we ARE warm.

We made one big decision this year, though. We are leaving our camper down here when we leave. It only costs $35 a month to store it, so the yearly cost of storage is actually about a third of the cost of hauling the camper down here with the cost of diesel like it is. And I know Lynn is serious about doing it because he actually already traded his pickup truck in on a 2012 Dodge Journey (it's white and we got the basic one) So when we head home this time we will both be driving a vehicle and not dragging a camper behind us. Makes me happy!

And when we want to come back down here next winter, all we have to do is call them and they bring it out and set it up for us (for a fee) and when we leave, they put it back in storage. What a deal.

It's pretty interesting to buy a vehicle in AL and get it licensed and insured in NY. But we had fantastic help from the dealership here and from Sidney DMV and our insurance agent in Sidney to get everything all nice and legal. 

I am still practicing with the resort chorus. Our next Variety Show is this weekend. I was going to do Amazing Grace but on Monday, the director/pianist asked if I would save that one until the Patriotic Variety Show in February. So we changed my solo to "Just a Closer Walk With Thee." I like that hymn, too. We have one more practice on Saturday morning, then the performances on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

I have also been keeping busy making jewelry for the upcoming Craft Fair here at the resort on February 4th. They don't charge a table fee for anyone camping in the resort, but if other crafters come in, they do charge them. They open the fair to the public, of course, so I am looking forward to see how my jewelry does. Hopefully it will go well, so I can make even MORE! In case you can't tell, I really enjoy doing that.

We went to a Brat Fest here last night at the resort. The majority of people staying in this resort are from Michigan and Wisconsin so bratwurst is a big deal for them. They made the brats and sold tickets for them, and those attending brought a dish to pass. Pretty good stuff. There were probably about 100 people there. 

Lynn continues to ride bike now and then and I go to the pool now and then. We have volunteered a couple of times on the food distribution day at the church we attend down here. Trying to stay busy. It really is different to just sit in one place rather than travel around. But we are both pretty much all traveled-out, so we will be staying down here in the winters from now on, but probably not for 4 to 6 months at a time. It's just too long to be away from home if we aren't traveling and seeing and doing new things... 

Camping World brought some RVs, campers, and vans to the resort a couple of weeks ago so everyone here could go through them and check them out. We went through all of them and found out that we are perfectly happy with the one we now have. Whew! That saves a lot of money, right?

We went to an event called "Walking Through Foley" which was put on by the Foley Chamber of Commerce to promote their town. It was really a great idea. They had it in the Civic Center and had a few of their attractions / businesses set up, such as their Railroad Museum, the Rose Trail, their arts programs, etc. You walked around and talked to those people and then they had coffee and donuts for everyone (no, I didn't have one!) and then you went to a table where they had a bag of coupons, maps, drinking bottle, etc. for you to take. There were some really good coupons for area restaurants and businesses. It was a great idea. They also had a Bingo Sheet game where they had nine squares with business names in them, and you had to go to each one and have them stamp it to prove you were there, then you put your contact information on it and left it at the last location you went to. It was then put in a drawing for a Kindle. 

We didn't win, but we have used a lot of the coupons. If any of you reading this are a member of a Chamber of Commerce, it's a great idea to pass on, I think.

We have enjoyed watching the football playoffs even though neither of our teams (Lynn's Redskins and my Jets) are in the running. We both really like to watch football, doesn't matter who the teams are.

And how about Syracuse University men's basketball this year, eh? Wow! 20-0!!! 

We are looking forward to seeing our friends, Chuck & Vikki and Ed & Gail, who will be here from Jan 30 - Feb 10 and then our friends, Russ & Joanne, are planning on coming down Feb 16 - 23, so that will be exciting to see them all!

Well, I guess that's enough rambling on for now. I will try to do better about writing more often in the future.

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