Monday, October 29, 2012

In Alabama

As most of you already know, we made it safely to Alabama on Friday. We made the stupid decision of driving straight through with just a couple of naps on the way. Believe me, we won't make that choice again. It was just too exhausting, and there really was no reason to be down here any earlier than a two day trip would have taken. But we both like to keep going once we start driving. We will just have to make a rule that we won't do that again, no matter what.

We have been spending all the time we have been here getting our fifth wheel all cleaned out and all our stuff packed in bags and storage tubs ready to move over to our new Salem Grand Villa when it is delivered. The driver called Lynn on Saturday and told him he would be leaving Fulton, NY on Sunday (yesterday) and would probably be down here on Tuesday.

We have been reacquainting ourselves with the area (and the restaurants!) and seeing what is still here and what has gone out of business, or new businesses that have started up.

We went to church yesterday at Morgan's Chapel in Bon Secour. It was great to see all our friends there. The pastor and his wife were away on a retreat, so we didn't get to see them yet. I was happy to be singing in the choir again. They started their rehearsals for the Christmas Cantata already, but I didn't stay after yesterday because we had plans to pick up our grandson, Grant, for the afternoon. He has graduated Boot Camp in the Navy and now is stationed at Pensacola Naval Base in Pensacola FL which is only about 35 miles for where we camp, so hopefully we will get to see a lot of him this winter! Right now he is waiting for his "A" School to start -- he is in for Air Traffic Control, but the school won't start until after the holidays, so he will be here almost the whole time that we are here as well.

We spent a very nice afternoon with him. We took him on a short tour of Gulf Shores AL, stopped at the seashore -- beautiful clear blue skies with plenty of sunshine. It was a bit breezy so not a great day for walking the beach, but it's still beautiful to look at! We took him to the Shrimp Basket for lunch for some good seafood. We had such a great time reminiscing about times he came to visit us during the summer. We had lots of laughs. We are so blessed that he likes to spend time with his grandparents. Especially now that he is "all grown up."

Well, I am feeling guilty because Lynn is outside scrubbing down the camping trailer, so I better get back to scrubbing down the inside!
Our prayers are with all our NY friends who may be facing more flooding, power outages, etc. due to Hurricane Sandy. Be safe, everyone!!!

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