Monday, November 5, 2012


FINALLY getting into a routine down here. We have been here for only a little over a week, but with all the work we had to do in getting the campers swapped out, it seems like a lot longer!

But, we finally got everything moved and put away and little glitches fixed (well, most of them...) We found a nice small computer desk for one corner, since there was no "office" area in this trailer like there was in the 5th wheel.

Now the trick is to remember where we put everything away! Since Lynn did the outside and I did the inside (as usual) we have to ask each other where things are sometimes, but eventually we will both know where everything is stored.

We are loving the new trailer (other than the few things Lynn had to fix). It has a lot more space and Lynn actually has head room in it. Of course, I feel like a midget, but that's okay. I am used to having to use a step stool for the high places. (Plus I got a good work out going up and down on the step stool for two days while I put things away!) But some of the cabinets are so high Lynn even has to use the step stool -- for the overhead ceiling vents, too. I told him now he knows how most of us feel most of the time!

By request, I will be taking some pictures of the trailer (at least of the inside) now that we have it set up and posting them on facebook. 

Lynn is out fishing this morning on the State Park Pier. He is getting his license this year, so I am sure that will be part of his daily routine from now on. I did an hour and 20 minutes in the pool this morning. I finally got a chance to do that, and intend to do it every day (except Sunday -- our day of rest -- and football!) like I do at home. And I ride my bike back and forth to where the pool is (not a real long way, but every little bit helps, right?!)

We went to the Oyster Cook-Off at The Hangout this past weekend. The oysters were great, as you would expect. And the music we listened to (The Banditos) was pretty good too. And a beautiful sunny 70 degree day. 

We have had wonderful weather since we have been here. It was a clouded over yesterday and kept looking like it was going to rain, but we only got about 20 raindrops  and done. The sky is such a clear blue down here when there are no clouds.

Lynn has started to grill now that we went grocery shopping. He made a great Beer Can Chicken (only it was a Soda Can Chicken since he didn't have any beer - gasp!) but it was fantastic. Grilling it that way makes it so moist, even the white meat. I made a pasta salad and some homemade applesauce, and Lynn also grilled some asparagus. A very tasty meal. 

We, of course, have been enjoying the local seafood too and revisiting some of our favorite restaurants, but we do enjoy doing our own home cooked meals best.

Guess that's all the chatting for now. 

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