Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another successful coupon-ing trip

Just returned from Price Chopper where I spent $17.42 but saved $13.68 ($5.57 Advantedge Savings + $8.11 coupon savings) plus I earned another 10 cents off per gallon of fuel for a total of 70 cents off. Everything I bought was on sale and I used a coupon for everything as well.

Some of the bargains include three items that were from bonus coupons I receive each week for signing up for Price Choppers emails: 88 cents for 1 pound Green Giant baby carrots; 50 cents for store brand rotini primavera; $2 for store brand mayo. I also bought a 1/2 gallon of Smart Balance milk that was on sale for $2.99 and I had a 75 cent coupon which Price Chopper doubles, so it cost me $1.49 which is 50 cents cheaper than the store brand of milk for the same size. Land of Lakes butter with cinnamon (which is fantastic on baked sweet potatoes or on toast) was on sale for $2 and I had a 75 cent coupon for that which they also double, so that cost me 50 cents!

Hopefully that will make up for the extra $1 I inadvertently spent on gas this morning. The Quik Fill in Unadilla has older pumps and I didn't realize until I was halfway through pumping gas that I was on the Premium side instead of the Unleaded side, so I was paying 10 cents more per gallon... geez!

It just started raining here and is overcast. For once they were right about the weather report. What other job in the world is there where you can be so consistently wrong and not get fired???

No work crew here today which tells me that they feel they are on schedule to get done on time, so I am not worried about it. As I have said already, I am so impressed with how much work they get done each day, and I am very excited for the end product!

Lynn is working down at the Car Show today at the Elks in Sidney. I hope it is not raining down there as well. The car club has had some bad luck with weather this year. They have gotten rained out of their cruise ins down at the Elks more than once.

Tonight is the inductions for the Football Hall of Fame. NFL network has been interviewing the inductees all this morning, and they will be televising the inductions tonight.

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