Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Missed a day...

Well, didn't find a time to blog yesterday. Lynn slept ALL DAY on Sunday, and he was pretty cautious about eating yesterday as well. But today he is finally beginning to feel like himself again. We have talked to a couple of other people who apparently had the same bug that lasted about a day and half for them too. Sure glad I didn't get it!

The work on the house progresses rapidly. Yesterday they had the footers for the new addition in and today they put up the blocks. Amazing. They have put up the wall board and got it all spackled in the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the dining area. Our kitchen cabinets are supposed to be delivered a week from today. I am really looking forward to seeing them put in. Then we will have the counter top guy come and make templates so he can get the granite cut.

This morning around 7:15 I was thinking about getting up but had talked myself out of it, until I heard the rumbling of a very large sounding vehicle and then the beep beep beep of a large vehicle backing up. It was a huge truck from Oneonta Block with all the blocks on the back. And yep, he managed to back up into the back yard with that load. And as I said, they got all the blocks laid today. It is quite fascinating to watch professionals do what they do. I am in awe of people who can do any kind of construction work. God has given everyone talents, but building construction is definitely not one of mine. I could probably crochet you a house, or make one out of plastic canvas, or maybe bead one, but I could never build one!

My brother, Dan, and his wife, Patti, stopped to see us and take a tour of our ongoing project. It's fun for people to see the progress in real time in real space instead of just through the pictures. And our contractor seems to be pretty patient with things like that.

Lynn took a couple pictures this morning and I took some more this afternoon that I will post on facebook.


  1. It was nice to see you and Lynn. To watch the progress of your reconstructed home is very entertaining!

  2. It was great to see you two also. I'm glad you could come over and take a gander at it. We just painted the two bedrooms this weekend, ceilings and all! Whew. I think I am too old to do that kind of thing any more. I sure hate when that reality is brought so forcefully to my attention.