Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I am so excited! The contractor is here today and has gotten started on our house renovations. He and his worker are ripping out all the kitchen cabinets and the carpeting throughout the house. They took out one small window on the end of the house already and are throwing the trash out the window into the conveniently situated dumpster below. It's quite fun watching things come flying out! But you better believe I am using the front door to go in downstairs instead of the side door which is right behind the dumpster.
The contractor explained that he was delayed because one of his best workers "did something stupid" and got hurt and is out of work for six months. Then another worker quit. So he is in the process of trying to find replacements for them and he didn't want to "send just anybody" to work on our project. And he promised they would be here "from now on," so all is forgiven.
Lynn and I went out to breakfast this morning (to Suzie's Bakery in Sidney - yum) and on the way home I prayed that there would be pick up trucks in our driveway, and lo and behold, when we got home, there were two of them. Thank you, God.
I am also happy today because a new session of First Place 4 Health is beginning tonight at the First Baptist Church in Sidney, NY. This is the Bible-based weight management group I have been attending for a few years. It is to help you become a balanced person in 4 areas of your life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. So far I have not gotten my weight under control like I would like to, but I have made great strides in the other three areas of my life, so I figure must be God wanted me to get those in line first. Hopefully, the weight part will start to change during this session. What a wonderful group it is, though. I have met some many wonderful people (yes, it is both men and women) from many different religious affiliations and it surely has broadened my understanding of God and his teachings. We are always open to new members, so come join us tonight! We meet each Monday evening at 5:45 pm and are generally done by 7:45 pm. It's an experience like no other you have ever had.
And, I am also excited because FOOTBALL IS BACK! I can't seem to keep from watching either Mike and Mike in The Morning, or NFL network to see what the latest developments are -- especially as they pertain to the NY Jets, of course. It looks like, according to an anonymous source, that the Jets may have re-signed Antonio Cromartie to a four year deal. Since they couldn't get Nnamdi Asomugha to replace him, they kept him on. And it seems they have also re-signed Eric Smith to a three year deal. I just hope they didn't make a mistake when they signed Plaxico Burress to a one year deal, but I guess they only have taken the risk for a short time anyway. It would be great if Plaxico has grown up a little and learned something from his past mistakes off the field. It really astounds me that so many pro athletes can make so many stupid choices, but I guess it all comes down to character in the end, right? If you don't have it before you have money, you probably won't develop it after you make obscene amounts of money.
Well I guess that's all my ramblings for today...
God is good. All the time.

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