Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It is raining, raining, raining and my head is pounding, pounding, pounding. But, we DO need the rain, so I shouldn't complain.

The contractor and his work crew were here bright and early again. Today there is a full crew of about 5 guys. They have torn off the back porch already and have most of the new wiring run and all the walls, carpet, and flooring removed. What a difference no walls makes! It sure looks huge inside now. We are getting so excited about the finished project. I know there is still a lot left to do, but it is fantastic to see the progress so far. The dumpster is full after only three days. Demolition sure makes a lot of garbage, but they are great about cleaning up the work site every night. I am so impressed with their work!

NY Jets made a four year deal with LB David Harris. Coach Rex Ryan says that this is the best roster he has had to work with. Let's hope they have a GREAT season!!!

Went to Oneonta today and paid off the balance for the kitchen cabinets. Now just have to buy all the handles for the cabinets, as soon as I know how many to buy! I have been thinking about paint colors for the kitchen but haven't decided yet. I think I will have to wait until everything is in before making the final decision.  The two different shades I am contemplating are a golden color or a reddish brown color. I will need to see how the counters look once they are in. But that is a little ways down the road right now.

There is a Car Show and Chicken BBQ at the Elks' in Sidney this coming Saturday - August 6th that is open to the public. Lots of vintage cars to see, and a great chicken BBQ. I think the meal price is $9 (1/2 chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, and macaroni salad) and the chicken halves alone are $5. It runs from 9 AM - 3 PM. If you're not doing anything else, come on down!


  1. I'd love to go to a car show /BBQ, but we are all going to Lindsay's and Dan's wedding Saturday. Jessie is coming home and we are all going down together and staying over Saturday night.

    I am so happy you guys are so happy about your "new" house.

  2. They actually have a car cruise in every Wednesday evening (8/3, 8/10, 8/17, 8/24, 8/31) at the Elks in Sidney (weather permitting) On 8/10 and 8/24 the Lodge also offers bar food for a reasonable price (usually burgers and hot dogs with a side salad and chips or something similar). They don't have a whole bunch of cars, but they are still fun to look at. Sorry you are going to miss the show, but enjoy the wedding! I'm glad Jessie is going to be able to join you.